There are a lot of things that happen behind-the- scenes that help us to build and operate schools in war zones. Through our monthly Peace Partners, we’re able to sustain our programs and provide students with an affordable, quality education – even in a war zone! Our community of Peace Partners makes our world go ‘round and for that we are incredibly grateful! When you become a Peace Partner, you are choosing to go into the trenches with us. As an Peace Partner, get: 1. behind-the- scenes newsletters; 2. special stories; 3. updates from our students, and 4. video blogs from the Founders. To join our Peace Partner community, donate monthly, sign up by the clicking the button below:

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There are over 48 million kids living in war who are out of school. Want to take your support further?

Create a Fundraising Campaign and invite your friends and family to join you in supporting students in war zones.

Start Your Campaign
Start your own fundraising campaign and set a financial goal. Get personal! Share why you’re passionate about supporting students living in war zones.

Spread The Word
Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your campaign and explain how they can get involved! Share major campaign milestones and updates to keep others informed and engaged.

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In the field, we often say that change happens at the speed of relationship. To that end, there’s no better way to build relationships than over a meal! Hosting a dinner is an easy way to spread the word about what’s happening in places of conflict as well as providing an opportunity for your community of friends and family to give back. We’ll even provide you with an educational tool kit to help make your dinner a success.

Based on scheduling and availability, you can even request a speaker.

Use the link below to fill out the form and a Justice Rising team member will be in touch with you shortly.

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Are you a college or university student? Sign up to become a Campus Ambassador and help advocate for students living in war right on your own campus. Start a club, host an event, and raise awareness to help bring about transformation in war zones through education.

Use the link below to fill out the form and let us know why you want to become a Campus Ambassador.

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Based on scheduling and availability, we'd love to come and visit you in person. Please use the link below to fill out the form to see what might be possible.



Check out these fundraising examples of people who gave their birthday, hosted a dinner, sold lemonade, and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro! Whatever the stage, we’ve seen our community of advocates make powerful statements for change!

Whether it’s $500 to help at-risk students to receive a quality education, or $85,000 to build an entire school, you can make a difference in a war-affected community. Check out more stories here!

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Build a school in a war zone?

Tuan and Catmy heard about Justice Rising at a dinner party in San Francisco. They have a passion for education and decided that their family would take on the fundraising efforts of a new school! They reached the FULL funding in November 2017 and construction on their school is set to begin Summer 2018!

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Grab your friends.

A group of friends from New York wanted to step outside of their city surroundings to positively impact a village community. They first took a trip out to Congo in July 2017 to meet with local students and households living in rural communities. They extended the fundraising opportunity to their friends and family and, in December 2017, they successfully met the full fundraising goal to build a school! Construction on their new school will begin Summer 2018!

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Zoe climbed Kilimanjaro

“It’s been – without a doubt – equally the hardest and most eye-opening thing I’ve ever experienced. Taking on such a big climb that’s globally recognized, I thought it’d be the perfect way to get exposure for Justice Rising and also invite others to help out, especially with both being located in Africa!”

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Kristin and Peter donated their wedding party favors

“We took pictures from Justice Rising schools and put them in frames and had one on each table along with a little tag that said: ‘In place of wedding favors today, we’ve given to helping build schools in conflict zones.’”

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Raquel donated her birthday!

“Fundraising scares me to death but when I saw what Justice Rising was doing, I knew it was my adventure to take on.”

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Richelle ran a marathon

“Fairly late in the game, my running partner dropped out due to an injury. I was determined to not only make it to race day, but to finish well. I knew that I was prepared physically, but without the encouragement of someone beside me, I was concerned about how I would hold up mentally. Just then, I realized that I needed to run FOR something. I then made a campaign and started asking friends and family to support the run for Justice Rising.”