Seven years ago, prior to the outbreak of the civil war, the Syrian education system had near universal enrollment and boasted literacy rates as high as 95%.

1.75 Million

Today, school enrollment is among the lowest in the world, with nearly a third of school-aged children in Syria, approximately 1.75 million children, no longer in school, and another 1.35 million at severe risk of dropping out.


Justice Rising is partnering with a school in Aleppo to help students receive a quality education and to help their families to overcome the financial burden of sending their children to school.

How to Love

When we asked the school headmaster why education in war zones matter, he replied by saying “the greatest tool to end terrorism is education.” He continued by saying that their aim is to “raise up a generation that knows how to love their neighbors.”

1,000 Students

After our Co-Founders, Edison and Cassandra Lee, visited the school in January 2018, Justice Rising committed to partnering with the school, which educates nearly 1,000 students annually.

The tuition cost for a year is $130.



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