Justice Rising Teacher Training 2019


Our teachers love to gather. As they tell stories, celebrate victories and share problems amongst themselves their commitment to provide a good education shines through, and they flourish in an environment of mutual respect and support. Every one of our teachers faces problems, both in and out of the classroom – that’s life in mid- and post-conflict communities. So it’s amazing to see them pull together with tremendous commitment and passion to equip the children of today for a better tomorrow.


Not just punctual but early, holding extra meetings during their breaks, making the most of every minute together: motivation levels are high and participation enthusiastic. Give our teachers an opportunity to teach, even when it’s just role play to learn a new strategy, and they’re right there, teaching with all vivacity. Their appetite to improve is evident too – between our teachers there’s a genuine culture of seeking and giving critique and so critique flows easily between them. That kind of feedback culture builds on high levels of trust and mutual respect. It’s a precious thing to be a part of.


And so we gather them, once a year, every year. We just finished Justice Rising's Annual Conference for 2019, bringing together over 120 Justice Rising teachers and staff from around North Kivu for five days of professional development, teambuilding and refreshment. Alongside pedagogical training, our teachers had training in our extra-curricular programs, as well as timely and potentially life-saving Ebola prevention training. Want to get involved with supporting teacher training as a volunteer or fundraise for teacher training? Get in touch via email at ee-reh.owo@justicerising.org – I’d love to hear from you.

Justice Rising