Mapenzie's Story

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This is Mapenzie. She’s 13 years old and, more than anything, she wanted the opportunity to go to school. As one of nine children in her family though, her parents could never afford to send her or her siblings to school. However, Mapenzie is a fiercely determined girl. The community where she lives has experienced killings and abductions just a stone’s throw from her home, and she knew that in order to bring about change and to live a more secure and prosperous life, she’d need the tools to make it happen.

When the Justice Rising school went up in her neighborhood, she knew she had to be a student there. Though the odds seemed stacked against her, she went to the school principal and told him about her passion.

“I want to study and one day attend university,” she declared.

Though Mapenzie is normally a shy girl, she would not let fear hinder her from getting an education. With much courage, she is now in 3rd grade and dreams to study mathematics in university. Mapenzie sees education as a way to bring change, not as a way to escape.

“I want to stay in my village. After being educated, many leave for the city. I want to come back and help my community with what I learn.”

The aim of our Expand Campaign, is to reach girls like Mapenzie through the 5 new schools we’re building this year. Our goal is to raise $50,000 USD to support the change makers that are employed by and enrolled in our schools. From our teachers and students alike, to our bold and incredible team who frequently travel into conflict affected areas, we are here for long-term peace.

Justice Rising