A couple years ago, before Pinterest let me know how to do everything right, and Instagram let me know how to make it look trendy, I threw a few folky little fundraisers "For Freedom".

I sewed together my bed sheets, headed to Home Depot for PVC pipes, and made an outdoor movie screen. I popped popcorn, and invited my friends and family to our little "Drive-In".

 We did a few movie nights over the summer, and with an admission donation and also the sale of donated auction items, we easily raised nearly a thousand dollars and had a lot of fun knowing our "Theatre" was actually giving back.


Why a movie?

I love to throw a party and I love even more to talk about my passion for Hope and Freedom. Not to mention, support a cause!


Which movies did your home theatre showcase?

We played the original Sabrina movie, as well as Young Frankenstein, and before each film I'd show a quick video on justice issues.

Honestly, the movie was often drowned out by the train, ambulances, and drunken neighbours, but by the end the message was clear, Harrison Ford is super handsome and "We can all make a difference". It's as simple as popcorn and a movie.


Now with a toddler and another baby on the way, what’s one thing you’d want to pass on to them?

I hope desperately to pass on to my kids a passion for hope for rough places and that freedom and justice shouldn’t be luxuries but rights.


Who’s more Handsome: Harrison Ford or George Clooney?

I would choose real life George Clooney, movieland Harrison Ford.