1. Why did you choose to give for your birthday?

I asked for an adventure for my birthday. The stories I have heard from Justice Rising and Cassandra grasp my heart. I am struck by how Cassandra's normal is a constant state of adventure; brave love and unusual risk. I was already looking for an adventure to take on for my birthday and I stumbled upon Justice Rising and how I could bring something even far from the war zones. Fundraising scares me to death but when I saw what Justice Rising was doing, I knew it was my adventure to take on.

2. How did you feel doing the campaign?

Thrilled and terrified! I joke. Except no, not really. I teetered back and forth between faith and fear. Faith won! The most amazing thing happened. One week away from the deadline and the only person who donated was my husband. I love him to pieces but his one donation does not exactly scream success. (haha!) I can definitely laugh about this now but I got up one morning fully intending to quit. I heard a whisper in my heart pushing me to take one more baby step and send out an email to my coworkers. Their generosity was a real miracle. In just five days I reached 106% of my goal. 

3. We see that you just had a baby! Congratulations! What would you pass on to your baby to spread or bring peace in war affected areas?

In addition to my brand new daughter I also have two beautiful stepsons. I want them all to know how brightly they shine. That there is no reason to fear the darkness because they carry the burning life light of Jesus inside their heart.  I hope one day they are brave enough to say, “Mommy, let’s go find some darkness”