Wedding date: September 30th 2010

For our wedding, we decided that instead of buying wedding favors for all of our guests to take home, we would donate the budgeted amount to children’s education in war zones.

We took pictures from Justice Rising schools and put them in frames and had one of each table along with a little tag that said: “In place of wedding favors today, we’ve given to helping build schools in conflict zones instead…”

It was a great way for the guests to feel a part of something too!


Why your wedding?

I wanted our wedding to reflect us, and a big part of my life up until that point was our love for helping those in need and going on trips overseas to places like Africa. This was something we wanted do to showcase to our families and friends what was important to us while continuing to support a cause that was close to our hearts. Kristin went with Justice Rising to Congo in 2009 so it was a mission we knew well!


Any plans for your 10 year anniversary?

As long as it involves snorkeling and sea turtles, I'm good!