The Justice Rising Education Sponsorship is a unique approach that partners with one student to affect a network of students. With your commitment, you will receive a bio of a child in one of our JR classrooms and will be able to follow that student for as long as you carry out your sponsorship.

With your support of $35 a month, you are not just partnering with that child but rather your donation is joined with one other sponsor (to the total cost of $70/month) to fully equip an entire Justice Rising classroom.

Through the Education Sponsorship program, you can help ensure that classrooms have what they need to operate and grow, while following a children through their life to see what it means to raise up movement of peace!

Below are a few of our children who still need sponsors. If you're interested in partnering with them and their class, please contact our sponsorship team by emailing and letting us know which child you'd like to partner with!