I didn’t know there were people like this. I didn’t know a love like this existed.
— Commercial Sex Worker

The prostitutes we reach out to in brothels are essentially war-victims. Our focus on bringing peace to war zones is driven by a belief that the light shines most brilliantly in the darkness, that the gravest injustices are deserving of not only resources but compassion and active love. This has compelled us to view sex-trafficking and forced prostitution with similar eyes as we see persistent war: here the vulnerable are victimized by greed and violence.  So we labor to bring the hope of a bright future to those caught in modern slave trade.

We first arrived on the coast of Kenya in 2009, after hearing rumors of the abundance of sex-trafficking and child prostitution in these popular vacation spots. After seeing this travesty with our own eyes and speaking at length with community members, we were resolved to provide immediate attention, relocation, and education to those children we encountered whose situations were most dire.