Many of our dedicated students study late into the night, often without electricity. Other times, they wake up and head to school on empty stomachs. No matter their circumstances, however, ourstudents continue to excel in their academics and are fueled by their desire to learn! 

This month we're highlighting one of our bright young students. Meet Kahindo . We are so proud of her continuous hard work and tireless dedication
 Here is one we particularly love who just so happened to ace some of her recent exams. Read more to see how one of our Justice Rising students is performing.

Student Spotlight

Kahindo is a student in our 5th grade class. She recently received the highest marks citywide in her school exams in Goma.

This is a great feat for any child, especially so considering her difficult past. Kahindo’s story inspires us to never give up and always set our sights high.

The second oldest of 7 children, Kahindo’s family fled from war two and a half years ago.
They reached Goma with close to nothing and enrolled all children (except for the youngest, who was yet to be born) at our Justice Rising School.
Though it was a struggle to make ends meet, her mother has always prioritized education, even though she herself was never able to finish school.
“I may not be able to help them with their homework, but I do my best to make sure they have food on the table so they can be strong for their studies."

 Kahindo’s dream is to one day become a teacher. Who knows, maybe Kahindo is a future educator at a JR school!