An inspiring letter from those over at Krochet Kids.

Dear dreamers,

To those who don’t believe in a 12 step program for life. To those who trade comfort for passion. To you who are challenging the way things are “supposed to be”… keep going. Chase after your dream, this unique calling that only you can pursue. The one that is the perfect storm of your skills, experiences, and desire welling up inside of you. Do that… because selfishly, I need you to.

I’m sure that thing you are making will be great, HOWEVER, you must realize that the goods you are making, the service you provide, or the art you create is only half of what you are offering to this world. It’s the intangible that I crave. The inspiration I extract from watching people dare greatly. The world is starving for it.

As much as you think you are doing this for yourself, you are wrong. You are offering something far more to the world around you than you will ever realize. It’s not about scale. It’s about being the most authentic you, you can be.

If the weight of it seems too heavy. If you feel you can’t make it through another year (or another week), remember that there are others that need you to press on. I need to believe that others are believing in their dreams more than they are believing in themselves. And this is what gives me the strength to believe in me.

This is my open letter to dreamers. Share this with someone who needs to hear it.

- Kohl Crecelius
CEO / Co-founder of Krochet Kids