The last time we arrived in our picturesque village in Masisi, DRC our Congolese family greeted us with their jaws on the floor—
“You never forget us! No matter how much war there is, your team is always beside us.”

Even in the midst of uncertainty, our Justice Rising family always seeks to bring hope and peace to the places of greatest need and to the places hardest hit by war. As the dangers and risks are ever present, we’re working to become smarter in how we protect ourselves from raids and road attacks. 
Well, NEXT THURSDAY (3/24) our team has the chance to purchase a vehicle that will help us in the journey to do just that! 
Presently, we rent vehicles twice a month to drive us deep into the red zone. The vehicles we rent are often unreliable and break down along the road, and as we rarely know what condition the vehicles are in, it’s hard to predict what outcomes to expect – whether good or bad.
We’ve had our eye on a Land Cruiser for a while now and on March 24nd, our team will be entered into an auction to buy one from the United Nations! 
That means we need a minimum of $15,000 by THURSDAY to be able to purchase this desperately needed vehicle. 
If you’re interested in investing in our team and the future safety of our travels to active conflict areas, please consider giving online and help us meet our goal!!

You can join us by clicking the donate page or clicking here which will take you straight to our Justice Rising vehicle campaign. 

**Donations over $500 will receive a free Justice Rising mug.
**Donations over $1,000 will receive a free Justice Rising mug and a Courage tank top.