We are excited to announce that our Fall 2015 fundraiser was a success! With your help, we were able to raise enough money to begin construction on Justice Rising’s very first secondary school in Masisi, DRC!


Our original goal was to raise $60,000 by December 31st -  we added up the numbers and we finished the year just shy of our final goal, coming in at $55,000. THANK YOU!


With the funds that have come in,we’ll be able to build the school with just a few final touches remaining that we will continue to raise money for.

This secondary school will impact the lives of more than 200 students, ages 13 through 18, who have only ever known a life of conflict. Many lack hope or vision for their lives, believing instead that their life is one consigned to poverty and war.

We choose to stand for something different – a future of hope and peace.


Construction will begin early 2016 with the goal of completion in August this year!


We cannot say enough to everyone who helped us reach our goal. Thank you for your likes, shares, tweets, Instagram posts, and your generous contributions!

If you would like to help us raise the remaining $5,000, please click HERE and let's fully fund the construction before the end of the month!