It's back-to-school season, and what better time to announce that our Education Sponsorship Program is now online!

Here's how it works:

Visit our Education Sponsorship page to see some of our kids available for sponsorship.  With your support of $35 a month, you are not just partnering with that child but rather your donation is joined with one other sponsor (to the total cost of $70/month) to fully equip an entire Justice Rising classroom.

Through the Education Sponsorship program, you can help ensure that classrooms have what they need to operate and grow, while following a child through their life to see what it means to raise up movement of peace!

In honor of this launch, we want to introduce you to one of our sponsorship kids, Angel:

Angel is 5 years old, a bright girl with a joyful spirit and level of compassion that'll melt your heart.  True to her name, she loves taking care of other children and dreams of being a nurse to address the huge need for medical assistance in her region.  She finds beauty in the mountains, fields, and forests that abound in eastern Congo, a stark contrast from the ugliness of war that surrounds her home.

Angel says her favorite thing about school is "learning to dream."  

Learning to dream. Honestly, I (Allie- part of the JR LA team) teared up reading this. It's so moving hearing her heart because it's exactly what we're fighting for!  We're fighting for justice, that their right to dream, to hope, to be excited for the future is protected and allowed to thrive.  We're fighting for their right to live without fear of tomorrow.  Justice is a classroom, removed from war, where kids are allowed to dream.  

By sponsoring a Justice Rising child and their classroom, you're providing a safe place where kids are able to grow and develop unhindered, reaffirming their hope that a bright future is ahead of them, and providing them with the tools they need to see that hope to fruition.  You're investing in leaders who will go on to reshape the future of Congo. 

For more information about sponsoring Angel and her classmates, visit our Education Sponsorship Page!