We love hearing stories from our Peace Advocates!  Justice Rising HQ turns into a mad rush of "Ooooo!"s and "Ahhhh!"s as we crowd the laptop every time a new campaign story comes in.   It's always so inspiring to see how creative our Peace Advocates are creating their own campaigns, not to mention how willing people are to give what they can to make a lasting impact on kids in conflict areas.

With that, we want to celebrate one of our Peace Advocates and friend, Zoe!  Zoe recently returned from Kenya, where she climbed Kilimanjaro (4th highest mountain in the world- no big deal), and raised $4600 for three new classrooms for Justice Rising in the process!!!  

What's especially incredible with Zoe's story is her campaign ended in June of 2015 as she trekked up the to the peak of Kilimanjaro. Exactly one month later in the jungles of the DRC, we began construction on Zoe's classrooms. Now in September of 2015, 150 children will begin school because of that climb! 

Amazing how far the impact from a campaign can go! Thank you Zoe! We're so grateful for you and your passion! (And your stunning photography)

Here's a snippet of our interview with Zoey:

"Doing your bit to give back is something that I’ve always found really important, but it didn't really solidify to me that I actually could be an active help on my own until I met Caroline and Jayden Lee [photographers and mutual friends with Cassandra Lee]. I took their class on “How to Change the World”, and after connecting with like minded people who had the same want to help but the same question of ‘how the heck can I make it happen?’, I realized what a talented, giving community I was surrounded by. Moreover, I realized that doing this kind of thing was possible - not even to the degree that I went, but recognizing that a good idea and good intentions can carry you leaps and bounds - every bit counts."

(Read the rest of the interview at her page on "Peace Advocates")


 Check out some of her jaw dropping  photos that will make you want to book your ticket to Tanzania ASAP!