There's been a lot of buzz about the film Beasts of No Nation lately, and for good reason.  It's a powerful glimpse at the fate of so many in living in nations with war.  Beasts of No Nation personalizes a conflict that has gone largely unfelt by the rest of the world.  We can only hope the film inspires a new wave of people who won't stand for such atrocities.  

For many, the atrocities happening in eastern Congo are far removed and can be hard to empathize with.  That's why films like Beasts of No Nation are so important, and it's the reason for our Courage photo galleries that are only a week away!  The galleries, featuring photos taken by some of our rehabilitated child soldiers, is a window into their world. It shares real life on the ground through their eyes. The event will also features photo essays of recent survivors of rebel raids in Beni, DRC, providing the faces and names of real people with real stories.  

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To watch "Beasts of No Nation" check out Netflix for free viewing.