Children are more likely to become child soldiers or to be used for sexual services if they are living in combat zones or have limited access to education. (UNICEF)

These are present realities that our students face everyday.


Help us reach our December 31, 2015 goal to build a secondary school for at risk children living in the war torn Democratic Republic of the Congo!

Here are three ways to help now:

1. Attend Our "Night of Courage" Event

We are hosting a photo exhibit featuring photos taken by rehabilitated child soldiers depicting life in a war zone and a photo essay series on survivors of war. Exhibits to be held in both Los Angeles, CA (11/07) and New York, NY (11/12)

2. Donate to Build a School

If you are unable to make it to one of our events, you can donate $40, the cost of a ticket, to join us in building the much needed secondary school in the village we're based in Masisi, DRC. Just click on here for our GoFundMe account.

2. Share Our Story

Share our story on social media to get the word out. Simply click on the "share" button on our GoFundMe page and play a part in changing the lives of students living in war zones!

Thank you for partnering with us in our dream to see war affected communities transformed!