We believe that education is a key tool for transforming communities affected by war… but we need your help to make it happen! 

Fundraise for a cause and help Justice Rising build our next school. Give back with a selfless act!



Here are a few fundraising ideas:


  • Create a fundraising campaign. All profits from your campaign goes directly to building a school in the Congo. Create a name, choose a fundraising goal, raise money, and have fun!

  • Share about your fundraising campaign on social media and be a voice for those living in conflict. Post your own photo/video of your fundraising selfless act, and use the hashtag #JusticeRising to help us keep track of your giving back! 


  • Give back to the cause. With your fundraising campaign, you’re not only providing a quality education to kids in need, you're creating sustainable jobs and mentoring young people across the globe.

Where does your money go? 

After you have completed your campaign, the money raised will be used to build a school in a community affected by active war.

Your money will be used to:

  •  Buy land
  • Hire and pay builders/contractors
  •  Build a school in a war-affected community
  • Pay teacher and staff salaries for the first 12 months
  •  Educate hundreds of students in need


Wanna expand your reach? Fundraise with a team! 

Sign up with your school

Interested in getting your school or classroom involved? Check out our Schools for Schools program. Through your efforts, your school or classroom can make a huge impact for a school in need halfway around the world!

Sign up with your church or community group

Interested in seeing your church, youth group, book club, yoga class, make a difference and impact those living in crisis? Create a fundraising campaign with your friends to help build a school and leave a legacy for generations to come.

Sign up with your family

Are you looking for ways to give back as a family? Here is an opportunity to teach your children about philanthropy and the importance of giving back. Create a campaign today and help families and communities in the Congo!

*All money raised from your campaign goes directly to building a new school.

If you have any specific questions on how you can further get involved, please fill out the information below and shoot us a message. We want to hear from you!

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