$50,000 to go
$50,000 to go
$50,000 to go
$50,000 to go

Have you joined our cause yet? We've partnered with Thunderclap to promote our campaign to build four new schools in war-torn Eastern Congo. Visit our Thunderclap page to tweet or Facebook status update to help change the lives of hundreds of at-risk kids.

Michele's story

Like Michele, many children in the DRC are exposed to conflict and crises from an early age. When war passes through a village, it brings with it insecurity, trauma, and the threat of abduction and sexual exploitation.

Michele now has a safe place to learn and receive a quality education!


Build schools. Change lives.


In the Democratic Republic of Congo, more than 3 million children are out of school. In fact, one in five kids have never stepped foot in a classroom!

We believe that education is a basic human right. Our mission is to transform war zones through education, one child at a time! 

BUT… what if you could go back in time and prevent thousands of kids from ever getting abducted or raped in the first place? If you could, would you? While we may not be able to change the past, we have the power to change the future for many of these kids, and we can prevent it from ever happening to other children. How? By getting them back to school!

This Fall, we're looking to secure funding to build four new schools in 2017. We’ve already scouted out four new villages – now we need YOUR help to build them from the ground up

Each school will cost $50,000 to build.

In order to build the four schools, that means we need to reach our financial goal of $200,000 by December 31st! 

With your financial gift, not only will you be helping to send hundreds of children to school, you’ll be promoting continued peacebuilding efforts in war-torn communities, and even help to prevent and mitigate future conflict!


Give today and help us build four new schools in 2017! 

We're asking each person to donate just $5. That's it! And then ask 5 of your friends to get in on the giving as well! The more people we reach, the faster we'll hit our funding goal! Together, we can change the lives of hundreds of students living in war-affected communities in Eastern Congo!

Giving Perks! 

$1,000+ : Become a JR School Trustee!

With each gift of $1,000 or more, you can become a Justice Rising School Trustee! As a Trustee, your name will be engraved on a commemoration plaque and mounted next to the school in recognition of your generous gift!