As wars break out around the world and we hear of mass atrocities: people being beheaded, kids going hungry, boys abducted as child soldiers and girls being taken a young sex slaves -- we often wonder what we can do to impact a world so far from our own. 

Our Peace Movement Campaign gives you a platform to use your creativity and bring change to directly impact those on the ground in conflict areas.

Start Your Campaign in 5 Steps:

1. Name your Campaign and set your goal.
Personalize your mission and set your financial goal.

2.Describe your Mission.
Share what you’ll be doing and why. Here’s a sample of a mission statement that you can take to personalize or you can write your own.

Have you ever seen wars and chaos on the news and wondered how you could do something to help?
By giving children living in conflict areas an education and quality schools they can go to everyday, you’re not just helping them to read and write but you’re giving them the tools to write the future of their nation and bring peace to their country.
I’m partnering with 501(c)3 Justice Rising to directly help children with an education in the DRCongo in central Africa!

Justice Rising has been working in conflict areas since 2009 and has extensive experience educating children in some of the most dangerous areas of the world.

All money raised through my campaign goes directly towards kids on the ground in war zones. Join me in rebuilding war-affected communities!

For more information on Justice Rising, check out www.justicerising.org or see them on instagram / twitter @justice_rising”

And follow my mission here and help me meet my goal!

3. Download Images to use on Social Media to spread the word.



4. Start your CrowdRise.
Sign up with your name under the non-profit Justice Rising International. All funds will then be sent to our “Projects” department at the end of your campaign.


5. Share your campaign.
Whether it is your birthday, bar mitzvah, a marathon or a dinner party with your friends, spread the word and share how you’re helping impact those in war zones. Share on social media or email and be sure to tag us so we can follow your success!